From Orphan to Sonship

by | May 11, 2019

Living as Orphan is mean that we feel “we are alone”, that “we do not belong” and we have difficult to trust God because we have fear to open our heart to real love.

Usually, we become orphan because we shut part of our heart to love as a result of wounds and pain. 

And because of fear of intimacy, we block love, so we don’t allow deep intimacy with people and with God as well.

As you know in the reality, we need real love, but we have difficult to receive it; so, we start to look for counterfeit affection that never satisfied, and we become full of anger, bitterness, frustration and loneliness.

This is not the plan that our God has for us!! We need to allow God, to love us and to heal the deep wounds in our heart.

Here 4 keys to freedom:

1) Forgive your parents for misrepresenting the Father’s Love to you.
2) Repent and ask forgiveness for any way that you hurt and judge your parents.
3) Believe and submit your heart and life to God, through the word of God and ask God to fill you with his love.
4) Renounce all the lies that you believed about yourself and about God, and this is a daily job, that you need to do every day, and learn to trust God and believe His words.

Be a son mean, that we rest and we are secure in his presence, we believe and feel that we belong to him and there is no shame and condemnation in God.

See God as Master PICTURE OF GOD See God as a loving Father
Independent/ Self-Reliant DEPENDENCY Interdependent
Live by the Love of Law THEOLOGY Live by the Law of love
Insecure/ Lack peace SECURITY Rest and Peace
Strive of Praise, Approval, Acceptance NEED FOR APPROVAL Accepted in God's love justified by grace
Personal achievement to impress God or no motivation to serve at all MOTIVE FOR SERVICE Deep gratitude for being loved and accepted by God
Duty and earning God's favour, increasing shame and guilt MOTIVE BEHIND CHRISTIAN DISCIPLINE Pleasure and delight
Must be holy - God favor, increasing shame and guilt MOTIVE FOR PURITY Want to be holy; don't want anything to hinder intimacy
Self-Rejection from Comparing Yourself SELF-IMAGE Positive-affirmed by value to God
Seek comfort in counterfeit affections SOURCE OF COMFORT Rest in the Father's presence and loved
Competition, rivalry, and jealousy PEER RELATIONSHIPS Humility and unity
Make yourself look good by making others look bad HANDLING OTHERS FAULTS Seeks to restore others in love
Source of Pain; distrustful, no submission VIEW OF AUTHORITY Respectful, honouring; ministers of God
Difficulty receiving admonition VIEW OF ADMONITION As a blessing and need in your life
Guarded and conditional EXPRESSION OF LOVE Open, patient, and affectinate
Conditional & Distant SENSE OF GOD'S PRESENCE Close & Intimate
Bondage CONDITION Liberty
Feel Like a Servant/Slave POSITION Feel like a Son/Daughter
Spiritual ambition; a desire to be seen VISION To daily experience the Father's love
Fight for what you can get FUTURE Sonship releases your inheritance

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