People are born Gay?

by | Jul 15, 2019

I see a lot of confusion about this topic, also among Christian feeling the same-sex attraction or people that they don’t believe in Jesus. According to the Bible, we are made in the image of God and we are created, man and female.

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If we born man we have XY chromosomes and if we born female we have XX chromosomes. If you notice, this is not spiritual, but are genes and is physical and cannot be changed. Instead, our identity is formed by our beliefs, feeling and emotions.

My personal experience is that nobody is born gay and our sexuality is fluid and doesn’t exist any gay gene. Homosexuality is not connected directly with the sexuality, but in the first place is connected with emotions and affection.
Everybody is different, but I think there are similar factors for a person to become gay. And usually, the person doesn’t know or doesn’t remember the first time when he started to feel the same-sex attraction and is why the majority of people think that “are born gay” or they did not choose it. Our true identity is in the spirit and not in our soul and as a human being, we are not what we feel.

Our sense of being and identity to fully develop need an atmosphere of real love and affirmation. Our father is like our fingerprint, that He empowers us with strength, with growth and with connection with the world, and also with the own masculinity.  Our mother is important too, she helps us to build our sense well-being with his love.

Here, I want to show you the emotional and spiritual reasons for same-sex attraction. 

I know if you are not born again can be difficult to understand…., but first we need to talk about the spiritual reason.

Everything is first spiritual and became manifest in the natural world.
The Bible teaches that sin has a consequence and give the hook or the legal right to the enemy to steal, kill and destroy.
Through our parents, we receive the colour of our eyes, the colour of our skin, and other characteristics, and we also receive a “spiritual baggage”, I mean, we receive spiritual attitudes, demons, curses, trauma, memories…

And if sin, is not dealt with the Blood of Jesus, can become an iniquity that gives the legal right to the enemy to steal, kill and destroy a person’s life, and all this “rubbish” can be passed through generation to generation until someone repents and give the life to Jesus, becoming a New Creation!

Personally, I believe that not all spiritual generation baggage will be “active” immediately at birth, but need to be activated by something, like a sin or a trauma, but also can be only an attitude of the heart, that if become more “stubborn” can activate the generation iniquity, that is already there but is dormant.
For example, from the generation iniquity can come an attitude of idolatry, where the person has an attitude to be attracted by the occult or to worship something like demons, money, people, power or other idols.
Or maybe there is a rejection demon coming through the bloodline and this is a setup or an attitude, to be more sensitivity or to feel rejection that will open a way to be wounded and feel rejection or starting to reject himself or a part of the personality. So, that demon can take completely hold in that person.

As Christian, we know that idolatry and any form of witchcraft, sin or rebellion bring separation with God and give the legal right to the enemy to destroy our life. The spiritual realm works like a legal system and only repentance, the blood of Jesus and the power of his cross can remove this legal right. To be clear the enemy is already defeated by the power of the Cross of Jesus, but he gets the authority when we gave him through sin.

Another example, without any demons, can be the attitude to be passive. If a father has been not fathered well by his father, because his father was emotionally passive and emotional disconnected, 95% it will be passed through the generation line, and that father will be passive and disconnected to his children.  This is only an example and of course, Is not always like this! Is just to give you an idea.

So, when a child born has already a “spiritual baggage”, negative or positive and this can be a setup or a foundation to become broken in his emotion, identity or to be influenced by.
Also, the medicine knows all this for physical problems, is why when you join to NHS (in the UK) or a private hospital they ask you about any sickness in your family and about your parents.

Now we‘re going to see the emotional side:

Personally, I believe that Homosexuality is rooted in an unmet need love with a lack of affirmation that opens the door to a self-rejection that will shut part of the heart to love, to maturity, and also to the growth in the fullness of the own identity.
Also, an abusive and “control” parent (or another person) from the opposite sex can be easily a set up for the same-sex attraction in a person. So all this mixture, spiritual and emotional can be the reasons for the same-sex attraction.

I believe that Homosexuality is rooted in an unmet need love with a lack of affirmation that opens the door to a self-rejection that will shut part of the heart to love, to maturity, and also to the growth in the fullness of the own… Click To Tweet

In conclusion, the consequences of a broken heart is idolatry. Because the person will try to receive love, affirmation and to feel whole or complete from another human being, or from other things like sex, power or other addictions and NOT from God. But only God can fulfil our heart, with real love, affirmation, and acceptance. And only in him, we can find our true identity. Therefore, personally, I believe that nobody is born gay and the Spirit of Truth, the Holy Spirit can reveal the true identity to a person, reveal that Jesus is the only real source of love and freedom and also He can reveal the root of the same-sex attraction in a person.

We are born to worship Jesus and not to worship the creation or a human being. Click To Tweet

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